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This page is for a staff person or a church member who is pretty much sold on the idea of our online audit of financial procedures. Here you will find help on how to pitch this to the Board. If you’re interested but not at that point yet, please visit our home page to get a feel for the issue. And be sure to click on the More Info button to get case studies and other interesting materials.

You’re on staff at your church, or you’re a respected member.  You may be the small guy in the church hierarchy. But you have a perfectly reasonable goal to help. And you can be the hero here! Or at least you want to bring a smile to our Lord’s lips. I can help you with that.

Most churches are far too casual in how they handle money. This puts people in temptation’s way and puts the church at risk. Our audit can help you tighten up your church’s procedures. This will protect your people, your reputation, your church, and your money. I care about your church, and have an easy plan to get you lots closer to that “well done, good and faithful servant!” Give me a call, and let’s get acquainted! Schedule an appointment here, or just give me a ring at 208 596-4480.

So you’re faced with a board that is busy with a million things. How do  you convince them of the need for an audit?

For starters, check your By-Laws. Often, the By-Laws  require a periodic audit. But it has likely been some time since such an audit has been done. If this is true of your church, bring it up!

But how do you “bring it up”? Probably the best way is for us to chat and get acquainted – a time for you to get a feel for me and what we’re trying to do. It’s important that you understand that my goal is to back you up and help your church. (Sure, I want a contract! But I’m happy just to be a resource if that’s where it goes.)

Then find a board member that you think might be receptive to these ideas. Let’s get together for a three-way video conference (on your desktop, phone, or tablet). To pique your friend’s interest, you might print up this page for him: (Popups disabled? Click here.)

You might also check out my case study summaries – maybe even print out the first page or two. One answers the questions of “Who Would Steal From A Church? (you’ll be amazed). The other answers, “How Could Such A Thing Happen?”  And you could print a copy of my main PDF, too: “The Deceitfulness of Early Success“. Read these yourself for background, and pass on a copy to your friend and the pastor as you choose.  (Popups disabled? Link1; Link2; Link3)

When we meet, one of the things I’ll do is offer your friend a sample of the actual product they receive.

The audit works like this: after your finance guru answers the questions online, I produce a book for you. It shows what you’re doing well, what could be improved, and what to work on first. Bonus sections include Best Practices for Church Finance, and Proper Separation of Duties with Three People. If you want a sample copy, I can have one to you in just a few days.

Call and let’s discuss some common pitfalls and how things play out at your church. Even without a full-blown audit, I may be able to give you some tips that will make you a hero to your church.

Hoping to hear from you soon,


P.S. – Again, here’s the link to a PDF that puts the whole issue in perspective: Link