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Which of these do you do?

When one reads a story, the hero is usually the first person you meet. We would like to meet you!

Our goal is to equip you and train you for the fight, and we’ll give you some targeted information based on your responses. No obligation, of course! And you’re always welcome to contact us if you have questions.

Which title best describes you?

Which of the following are things you do? Pick as many as apply:

I work with cash (such as contributions or tuition).
I receive checks made out to the church.
I have access to the church bank account(s).
I reconcile bank and/or credit card statements.
I keep the books for the church.
I am an authorized check-signer.
I use a church credit or debit card.
I make (or help make) financial policy decisions.
What is your first name?
What is your phone number?
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