Welcome, Pastor!

You’re a hard-working person of integrity. You’re already wearing a dozen hats – from counselor to administrator to Biblical scholar to pulpit-pounder. You visit the sick, street-preach, and may clean the church yourself. You also establish or contribute to board decisions on church financial policy. (I can help you with that.)

Not to mention that your By-Laws probably require periodic audits. And (if you’re like most churches) they haven’t been done recently. I can help you with that, too – we do the audit you really need, and for LOTS cheaper than the investor-style CPA version.

Most churches are far too casual in how they handle money. This puts people in temptation’s way and puts the church at risk. Our audit can help you tighten up your church’s procedures. This will protect your people, your reputation, your church, and your money. I care about your church, and have an easy plan to get you lots closer to that “well done, good and faithful servant!”

If you have purchasing authority for $699, give me a call and let’s get acquainted – and get started. link (The link is to a ‘schedule a call’ page. But feel free to just ring me up: 208 596-4480 or email to

If you do NOT have purchasing power for $699, give me a call anyway and let’s get acquainted! link / 208 596-4480. Or visit the “Board” page, where you’ll find resources to distribute at your next meeting.

Let’s discuss some common pitfalls and how things play out at your church. I may be able to give you some tips that will make you the hero to your church, even without a full-blown audit.

Hoping to hear from you soon,


P.S. – Here’s a PDF that you should find interesting. It puts the wh ole issue in perspective. Link


Here’s what you can expect as soon as we complete the Letter of Engagement (which I’ll email to you):

Day What will happen
1 Finance person starts answering questions. He or she answers most questions, skips some, and refers others out to specific individuals. OK to quit for a bit and come back later.
2 Finance person finishes his or her first pass through the questions
3 Email sent to staff to whom questions were referred, asking that they answer their questions
4 Referral individuals answer their questions; finance person finishes skipped questions
5 Email sent to key church people asking them to inspect and verify or correct answers
6 Key church staff review answers and make any needed corrections
7 We review answers and begin preparing report
9 We finish writing the report
10 Report sent to printer (must receive payment before this step)
10 Church website summary video produced and posted
25 Printed and bound copies of report arrive at church
26 Church distributes report books to board members and key staff
27 Appointment set for video conference discussion of results with Board and church staff ?
? Videoconference discussion of results by appointment (note that this can be done with all participants at their own home if desired - any internet-connected device with a microphone will work)