Letter Of Engagement

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(Church Name and Address)

Thank you for hiring us to help you with your financial procedures. This letter is to make sure we each know what we need to do and what we can expect from the other.

We will:

  • Give your church access to our online Financial Procedures questionnaire
  • Give your staff access to the information from the questionnaire. That way they can correct any errors.
  • Evaluate your responses and arrange the results into book form. The book will contain:
    • Executive Summary (the main points)
    • Good Controls Already In Place (what you’re doing right)
    • Controls Which Could Be Improved (what needs attention)
    • Your To-Do List (what to do first)
  • The book will also contain our essays, Best Practices and Separation Of Duties With Three People.
  • Print copies of the report book for your pastor, your treasurer, and each board member
  • Meet with you by video conference to talk about implementation
  • Remain available for phone calls and email conversations over the next year as questions arise

You will:

  • Appoint one person as the lead question-answerer, and give us his or her email address
  • Ensure that this person completes this one- to two-hour questionnaire within two weeks
  • Decide who will review the answers after they are complete, and give us their email addresses
  • Ensure that these individuals review the answers within two weeks. This should take them a half hour
  • Pay us $699 before we go to press
  • Distribute the books when they arrive (and read the Executive Summary and the “To Do” sections
  • Set a time for our video conference, and meet with me to discuss implementation

What You Do NOT Get: please understand that you are getting sound advice, not invincibility.

  • We do not audit your books or any of your numbers. I am a Certified Fraud Examiner. I am not a CPA.
  • There is no guarantee that any existing fraud will be detected (if it is, we will certainly tell the board)
  • There is no guarantee that future fraud will be prevented (though following my advice will make it harder)

What You DO Get: (this will be specific to the package you purchase)

  • You get a printed report (up to 9 copies) outlining improvements you should make to your financial procedures
  • You get an hour’s video conference with your team to discuss how to make these changes and to answer questions
  • You get access to a Certified Fraud Examiner by video conference and later phone calls
  • You get a “Good For This Church!” video for your website if satisfactory progress is made within six months
Very Truly Yours,       Accepted and agreed:
Timothy G. Stephenson, Owner       ________________________ Date_______