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Finance Person and ready to answer questions? The rest of the page is for you!

If you are ready to get started…

Glad to have you aboard! Here’s the process:

  • You give us some information on your church.
  • You answer questions online.
  • The other church staff review your answers
  • I write up the results and you each get a book
  • We talk about the results by video conference

Now, I need to get real with you. These questions will take you an hour or two to complete. That’s heroic on your part to invest that time. (Though it’s easier than hosting a CPA for a day or two.) But this is what you’re doing:

  • You are protecting weak brethren from temptation;
  • You’re protecting reputations – yours, the other church staff and volunteers, the church’s, and indeed Christ’s.
  • You are protecting your church from losing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars;
  • And you are protecting your church from a fraud-related split (since fraud will be harder after you’re done).

So be strong and encourage your heart! You are free to bail out and come back to it later. And you can flag other individuals in the church to answer questions that stump you, too. Here’s what you can expect:

Let’s get started with the process: Start Questionnaire