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_PM Landing Page Test - Online Church Auditing

_PM Landing Page Test

Remove Avoidable Temptation

Protect your people and their reputations with our financial procedures audit. Reduce Temptation for your staff and volunteers, Gain Member Confidence that their donations are going where they’re supposed to, and that they know their donations are Safe. What is the risk if you DON’T hire us? You may be OK – but every third or fourth church is likely to be hit. The cost can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the fallout could kill your church.


“This audit is thorough, and Tim is available to help with patience and humor. His depth of knowledge and understanding in these matters is unbelievable.”

Bryan Caldwell

“It’s not that you’re trying to hide anything – it’s just hard to stop being busy long enough to be thoughtful. The investment is well worth the peace of mind.”

Warren Trice

“It’s crazy to me how many different ways someone can be tempted to steal from the church. Tim Stephenson has thought through all sorts of horrible scenarios, in hopes of helping protect churches.”

Bob Swetz

The Process Is Simple.

It’s easy and painless. And all from the comfort of your home!

Get Acquainted

Give us a call! We’ll chat about how we can meet your needs. No obligation and no pressure.

Answer Questions

Your finance person answers easy questions online. Then you and your staff verify the answers.

Get The Report

I write the report and send it to the printer. Soon, you and your staff each get a copy of the report.

Discuss The Results

Then we meet by video conference to discuss what the findings, and to talk about what to do next.

Remove Avoidable Temptation Today!