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Audit Your Church Financial Procedures - Online Church Auditing

Remove Avoidable Temptation

  • You Are Likely At Risk. Protect your church from fraud, theft, and embezzlement.
  • Protect your people and their reputations with our church specific financial procedures audit.
  • Less expensive than a traditional CPA audit and tailored specifically for churches. 
  • Avoid the risk, contact us today!

The Process Is Simple

Get Acquainted

Give us a call! We’ll chat about how we can meet your needs. No obligation and no pressure.

Answer Questions

You or your finance person answers easy questions online. Then you and your staff verify the answers.

Get The Report

I write the report and send it to the printer. Soon, you and your staff each get a copy of the report.

Discuss Results

Then we meet by video conference to discuss the findings, and to talk about what to do next.

Remove Avoidable Temptation