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Improve shepherding and stewardship with our financial procedures audit.

Think you stand? Take heed…

We do not live in fear, because we are in Christ’s hands. But we also are told to splint weak limbs and make paths straight. Churches contain people, and all of us are frail. Remove that temptation! (And your own potential millstone…)

Experts suggest a quarter of churches will experience fraud. And the cost in terms of cash, reputation, dwindling donations, and church splits ? Better to build guardrails! 

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We understand your battle, and give you tools to protect your people.

As a Certified Fraud Examiner I’ve seen the aftermath, and it is heartbreaking. We want to spare you the pain – and have the chops to help you remove temptation.

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The process is simple.

You answer a bunch of financial procedures questions online – it might take an hour or two. Then we let all the church leadership look over the answers to ensure everything is correct. We then write the report and send it to the printer.

When you’re finished,

You get a plan.

You get several copies of the church audit book we write just for you. It shows what you’re doing right and what could be improved, and gives you a prioritized  ‘to do’ list. Easy! And we  can meet by video conference to help you with implementation..

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Comments from Others

What others say:

“…Tim Stephenson is a wonderful resource in [church auditing]. He is clearly passionate about learning and sharing his knowledge to help protect the financial resources of churches. His audit is thorough and he is available to help with patience and humor. His depth of knowledge and understanding in these matters is unbelievable and I’m so grateful that God led our paths to cross.

Bryan Caldwell
Bookkeeper and Business consultant

“It’s crazy to me how many different ways someone can be tempted to steal from the church. Some of it is obvious, like stealing from the collection. But other schemes can be more subtle. Tim Stephenson has thought through all sorts of horrible scenarios, in hopes of helping protect churches from fraud.”

Bob Swetz

“In the decades I have known Tim and Rini Stephenson and worked with
him on church, business and family projects, he has always acted
with the highest integrity and selflessness. His understanding of
risk and accountability is born of his insatiable desire to master
whatever he puts his hand to. And, he is always kind, even when he
has to say hard things.

Tim and Rini Stephenson will earn your trust and care for your needs
better than they do for themselves.”

Susan Peters
Bulgarian Reformation Ministries

As a former external auditor, I am impressed with the quality of work you have done. The questions are clear and concise… I believe this has great value now and well into the future …superb work. 

Doreen Abbott
owner, Small business accounting and business solutions of OK

[OK, this is from me]
I have been auditing for 18 years, and am a Certified Fraud Examiner. I’ve been working on the questionnaire software for years, building on 30 years of programming experience. And I have a numbers-based detective work Masters from UCLA. 

Tim Stephenson
Owner, online church auditing
Not ready to get started with the questionnaire, but want something of value to start with?

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You know you need two people to count the collection. And one person to keep the books and someone ELSE to sign the checks. But how do you split up the jobs when you have a limited number of staff and volunteers you can tap? Download our report for free.

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